Wind Systems For Aviation


Air fields

Air fields

Perfect for temporary airfields or remote airfields, FlexiMet Wind and FlexiMet WX systems are fast to install and ensure personnel on the ground can provide needed landing zone weather data. Data logging functionality delivers long term records ideal for analysis prior to developing a remote or temporary airfield.

Recent applications have seen multiple WindSonic sensors at varying heights gathering data via SpaceLogger data loggers determining the variation in wind velocity from ground level upwards.

Other applications include wind and weather analysis for parachute drop zones, local flying clubs and hot air ballooning events.

Aircraft Hanger Door Operating Systems

Aircraft hangar doors

FlexiWind systems with a WS-15A Display unit have been used extensively to monitor wind speed and direction to ensure safe operation of hangar doors.

Hangar doors often have high wind speed limits and operators must ensure they work within these. The FlexiWind systems with WS-15A displays not only allow for remote viewing and data logging of wind speed and direction data but there is also a single relay switch within the WS-15A display. This allows the hangar doors to be locked down when a defined wind speed limit is met.



Ideal for harsh remote locations the FlexiMet Wind and FlexiMet WX systems utilise Gill ultrasonic technology guaranteeing accurate data with minimal maintenance. Linked to the IP65 rated WS-15A display, the system is often used as a secondary system, being able to operate locally from a 12V power supply.

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