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SpaceLogger D8 Wireless

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The SpaceLogger D8 Wireless has been designed specifically for the medical decontamination device market.

The data logger connects via a RS232 serial port to the autoclave, washer disinfector or ultrasonic cleaner and records all cycle data output by the device to an SD card. Data may be encrypted by the logger and each line of the file has a checksum applied to ensure security of the data.

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The SpaceLogger D8 Wireless communicates wirelessly with a PC with the SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software installed, via a Wi-Fi wireless local area network (WLAN). One copy of the SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software may connect to multiple loggers within the same WLAN at any time.

The SpaceLogger D8 Wireless data logger

• Enables the process of cycle data collection by a decontamination device operator to be as automated and user-friendly as possible.
• Enables real-time logging to PC of cycle records from multiple decontamination devices, via a wireless network. No need for the operator to transfer records via a memory card or paper print out. The operator obtains instant notification of a passed or failed cycle on any device at the PC.
• Provides management of cycle records for each device and creation of automated PDF reports.
• Allows user sign-off of each cycle (via PC) to release the batch.
• Enables electronic recording of each device's cycles and creation of an automated PDF report each week.

A local Wi-Fi network is required for remote access to the data stored on the logger. If this is temporarily unavailable, data may be downloaded directly from the SD card to a PC if it is removed from the SpaceLogger.

Configuration of the SpaceLogger for the WLAN is via a simple set-up file written to the SD card. This is generating using the SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software.

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D8 Wireless Features

• Secure digital logging of all decontamination cycle data - from sterilisers, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners
• Wireless transfer of data to PC for real-time viewing of cycles
• Efficient and accurate management of cycle records and reporting with the SpaceLogger software
• Time-saving automated cycle completion with PDF output
• RS232 connection to decontamination device
• Compact, economical and robust design
• SD or SDHC card for data storage
• Upgrade machines to comply with latest decontamination guidelines and best practice

Typical Applications

• Recording and storage of operating data from laboratory and medical devices for record-keeping.
e.g. autoclaves and sterilisers, glassware washer-disinfectors.

SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software

SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software

Cycle data from the SpaceLogger D8 Wireless data logger is uploaded in real-time automatically from any loggers within the local Wi-Fi network to the SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software.

• The SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software maintains a secure duplicated electronic record of every cycle on a PC.
• Individual cycle records may be viewed and cycle failure or security status issues are highlighted.
• Cycles may be 'released' or 'released with comment' via electronic sign-off.
• Appropriate cycles may be assigned cycles and other operator tests & checks signed off to complete cycles for each decontamination device.
• A choice of PDF reports may be quickly created as required.
• The Cycle Manager Software is also used to generate a configuration file to activate the SpaceLogger D8 Wireless to operate with a specific decontamination device and to connect it wirelessly to the local WLAN.

Physical Enclosure dimensions Width: 67 mm
Depth: 92 mm
Height: 28 mm (excluding optional rubber feet)
Weight 100g
Enclosure material GP ABS (UL94-HB) plastic and acrylic
RS232 Input Transmission standard RS232 compatible, 8 bits and no parity
Connection 9-way D-type connector on RJ45
Wireless Connectivity Wireless module Wi-Fi Certified 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g 802.11i Security WPA2-PSK, WPA, WEP
Aerial Circuit board mounted
Data Storage Data storage card Removable SD or SDHC card
Data capacity 8 GByte (standard) or as per memory card capacity
File system FAT16 or FAT32 with 8.3 file names
Sector size 512 Bytes
Data logging interval 1 Hz
Audible / Visual
LED indicators SD card status: Green: Ready to record data | Red: Writing data to SD card
Wireless Connectivity Status: Green: Connected to wireless network
Audio bleeper Status alert
Real Time Clock Accuracy ±40 ppm at 25°C
Backup battery CR2032
Power Power requirement 5 V DC ±10%
Current at 5 VDC 200 mA typical
Connection Micro USB connector
Environmental Temperature range Operating: -25°C to +70°C [or dependent on card conditions]
Storage: -40°C to +70°C
Enclosure protection IP203
EMC CE marked - EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

The manufacturer reserves the right to amend the specification and therefore the information in this document may be subject to change.

Data Sheet
SpaceLogger D9 Wireless - Data Sheet
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SpaceLogger D9 Wireless - User Manual
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