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Data Loggers (SpaceLogger) with Wireless Data Upload to PC

SpaceLogger models with integrated wireless Wi-Fi technology enable both real-time and logged data to be transmitted wirelessly from the data logger to a PC.
Wireless data transmission eliminates the need to manually retrieve the SD card from the SpaceLogger, increasing efficiency and avoiding data logger down-time.

Advantages of Wireless Technology

• Access data records in real-time without the need to manually retrieve SD card from the data logger
• Monitor multiple data loggers within the local Wi-Fi network
• Enables automated FTP upload of data files to the internet direct from the data logger
• Use the free SpaceLogger Launcher software to access data from any wireless logger in the local Wi-Fi network

The SpaceLogger Wireless data loggers still include the option to manually transfer data via the removable SD card in the same way as for standard models.

SpaceLogger Models with Wireless Data Upload

SpaceLogger D9 Wireless
Electronic decontamination record and validation system.

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SpaceLogger W8 Wireless
Logging of RS232 wind & weather data with wireless upload to PC.
Includes 2Gb Memory Card.
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