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FlexiMet Tower Crane & Local Display System

Product code: WSFLXTCLD


The FlexiMet tower crane system with local display and alarm offers a simple and cost effective solution for monitoring wind speed and direction on cranes and construction sites.

The WS-15A receives data from the sensor, has an easy to read 40 character display which shows wind speed in a choice of measurement units, and wind direction in degrees and wind arrow with cardinal points. The display is configurable so users can set a high wind speed alarm with adjustable hold off and hold on times to avoid false alerts.

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Fleximet Tower Crane & Local Display System Description

The FlexiMet Tower Crane & Local Display System connects the sensor to a local programmable WS-15A display that can operate either an audible, visual or dual alarm when user defined parameters have been met. The wind speed alarm is configurable as either a high or a low alarm and to avoid false alarm events, there are adjustable hold off and hold on times. The 40 character easy to read display shows wind speed in a choice of measurement units and wind direction in degrees, as a wind arrow and as cardinal points.

Key elements of the system are housed in an IP65 rated enclosure making it ideal for the harsh construction site environment. The system delivers wind measurements to the appropriate industry standards including IEC-61400 as well as a full list of other weather parameters if required.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd work with clients to deliver bespoke solutions, please contact our technical team on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email to discuss your specific requirements.

Systems are also available for short term rental hire or long term lease, terms vary depending on system specification and rental/lease period, please contact us for more information.


• Simple set up
• Rugged IP65 rated water-resistant display, suitable for outdoor installation
• Easy to operate display with user prompts
• Selectable wind speed units
• Clear alpha-numeric display with backlight for night viewing
• High or low wind speed alarm functionality with hold-on and hold-off period
• IP65 rated multi tone audible, visual or dual alarm unit
• Low power consumption
• A full suite of weather parameters can be measured including wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, dew point and precipitation
• Maintenance-free, super-accurate ultrasonic sensors resulting in a cost effective long term solution
• 2 year warranty as standard

Item Contents

• Sensor (dependent on your selection)
• WS-15A programmable LCD display
• Audible, visual or dual alarm, with sealed gland and 3m of cable
• Mounting Mast (WindSonic; anodised aluminium, length 0.75metre, Calypso; anodised aluminium, length 1metre)
• RS232 or RS485 cable (between sensor & WCU) complete with connectors
• 12Vdc power lead
• Various cable lengths are available please call for quotation

Sensor Varies with selection
WS-15A Display See WS-15A web page »
Alarm Unit See Alarm Units web page »
Mounting Mast for Gill Sensors Height: 750mm
Diameter: 44.45mm OD
Drilled & tapped (MS)
Anodised aluminum alloy, depth of 15 microns
Calypso Mounting Mast Aluminium inside: Ø: 23 mm
Aluminium outside: Ø: 25 mm
Aluminium thickness: 1 mm
100cm length
Calypso sensor thread sizing: M16x1,5 aluminium male thread (Ø 20 drill to allow wiring)
VHF mount thread sizing: 1"-14 UNS thread (Ø 20 drill to allow wiring)
RS232/RS485 Cable Varies with length
Power Supply 12Vdc power lead
3m cable
Binder plug connector

Choose your sensor based on the parameters you want to measure.

GMX 500
GMX 600
  Calypso WS1 GMX500 GMX600
Wind Speed Tick Tick Tick Tick
Wind Direction Tick Tick Tick Tick
Apparent / True Wind Speed     Tick Tick
WMO Wind AV/Gust     Tick Tick
Air Temperature Tick   Tick Tick
Air Pressure     Tick Tick
Relative Humidity     Tick Tick
Absolute Humidity     Tick Tick
Barometric Pressure     Tick Tick
Dew Point   Tick Tick  
Precipitation     Tick  
Compass     Tick  
GPS Positioning   Tick Tick