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OWS-5 Monitoring System

OWS-5 Monitoring System

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WeatherFile OWS-5 was developed in partnership with the English Institute of Sport and the British Olympic team to provide an accurate measurement of wind speed and direction relative to the ground from a moving platform (sailing coach boat (RIB)). Other applications include rowing coach boats, regatta committee boats, cycle race chase cars, wind turbine transfer vessels, ferries etc. The great advantage of OWS-5 is it requires no calibration when in use.

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WeatherFile OWS-5 Monitoring Description

OWS-5 uses the solid-state ultrasonic Gill WindSonic wind speed and direction sensor. This 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor is robust and maintenance-free making it the sensor of choice for harsh environments eliminating the problems associated with conventional cup and vane sensors.

The orientation of the WindSonic sensor and its movement relative to the ground is measured using a high-quality Vector GPS compass. From this the ground wind speed and direction can then be calculated knowing the motion of the WindSonic sensor and the relative wind speed and direction. Data is transferred over WiFi to a tablet or smartphone within 20 metres. In addition, data is also sent via the 4G GSM mobile cellular network to the website where it can be viewed using any internet connected device from any location.


• OWS-5 delivers accurate true wind speed and wind direction from a moving platform
• Parameters include true wind speed, wind direction and air temperature
• No calibration required
• Uses an ultrasonic wind sensor and high precision Vector GPS compass
• Local data display using Android app
• Cloud based logging via the mobile cellular network

Windsonic Windsonic 1
Output functions: Sensor ID, Wind speed, Wind direction, Units, Status
Output rate: 4 Hz
Output format: RS232 serial data
Position/speed/course/(heading) sensor Dual antenna GPS
Compass with IMU
Main processor Custom single board embedded microprocessor with serial and WiFi interfaces
System output WiFi: Time, position, ground wind speed, ground wind direction, tide determination available via http
Display unit Android app for Smartphone, etc.
Power Requirements <300mA at 12V dc. Power supplied from outlet socket on RIB
Electronics Enclosure (excluding tablet/smartphone) IP67 rate enclosure
Carry Case Flight case: 750mm x 170mm x 260mm
Weight with OWS-5: 6.6kg
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Certified 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11n Security WPA-2
Mobile 3G/4G LTE FDD: Band 1(2100 MHz)/Band 3(1800 MHz)/Band 7(2600MHz)/Band 8(900MHz)/Band 20(800 MHz)

DCHSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS: Band 1(2100 MHz)/Band 8(900 MHz)

EDGE/GPRS/GSM: Band 2(1900 MHz)/Band 3(1800 MHz)/Band 5(850 MHz)/Band 8(900 MHz)

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The specification is correct at time of publication (June 2020).
The manufacturer reserves the right to amend the specification and therefore the information in this document may be subject to change.