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WeatherFile (PRO) Principal Race Officer System

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The (PRO) Principal Race Officer system has been developed in partnership with elite sailing regatta management teams to assist in delivering the highest quality yacht racing. The PRO system uses GPS positioning and an internal compass to compensate for committee boat movement (swinging under anchor), delivering highly accurate, real-time wind data and averaging wind speed and direction data.

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WeatherFile (PRO) Principal Race Officer System

Android & iOS Compatible The PRO system combines a state-of-the-art Gill MaxiMet GMX200 (GPS) sensor delivering extremely accurate wind speed and direction measurements, with a built-in compass automatically calculating north even if the committee boat is swinging under anchor.

Data transfers over WiFi to a tablet or smartphone within 20 metres. The data display delivers live wind speed and direction data every 10th second shown as a compass rose in degrees. In addition, rolling averages are shown in graph format and updated every 2 seconds, the rolling average interval can be set at either 1, 3 or 5 minute periods and shows the last 2 hours of data.

Additionally, data is sent via GSM mobile connection (3G/4G) to the website enabling viewing by any internet connected device from any location. For post-race analysis and graphing, data can be downloaded in .CSV (Excel) format.

The unit comes complete with a foam padded, waterproof and durable IP67 rated carry case, mast, jubilee clips and 3 methods of power attachment; crocodile clip, cigarette lighter and mains adaptor plug enabling quick setup and attachment to the committee boats (12Vdc) battery or any other 12Vdc battery source.

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• Gill MaxiMet GMX 200 sensor with GPS
   • Wind speed & direction, apparent wind, WMO wind averages, gusts & true wind
   • Built in compass with automatic north alignment
   • GPS positioning
• Short anodised aluminium mast, 340mm length with jubilee clips for fast setup
• 15 metres RS232 cable with Binder connectors
• WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) transfers data to
• Secure standalone GSM mobile connection (3G/4G)
• Live data within minutes via
• Data can be downloaded from for post event analysis and graphing
• Email alert functionality when user defined wind speed thresholds have been exceeded
• Local display via smartphone, tablet or PC within 20m of WCU
   • Live wind speed and direction data
   • Rolling average of last 2 hours data (1,3 or 5 minutes averaging options)
• Maintenance-free, super-accurate sensors resulting in a cost-effective long-term solution
• 2 year warranty as standard

Item Contents

• Sensor: Gill MaxiMet GMX 200 sensor with GPS
• WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU)
• Mounting mast: 340mm long
• 2 x Jubilee clips
• 15m RS232 cable complete with connectors
• Connection to website
• 3 x 3m 12Vdc battery power leads; crocodile clips, main adaptor & cigarette lighter
• IP67 rated foam padded carry case
• 3G/4G SIM card

Sensor Gill MaxiMet GMX200 GPS
WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) Link to WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) spec page
Mounting Mast for Gill Sensors Height: 340mm
Diameter: 44.45mm OD
Drilled and tapped (MS)
Anodised aluminium alloy, depth of 15 microns
RS232 Cable Diameter: 4.8mm
Length: 15m
Weight: 0.65 kg approx
Construction: 5 core, tinned copper conductor 24(7) AWG, 0.22mm2, PVC insulation, Cores laid up, overall aluminium/polyester foil screen, tinned copper drain wire (24AWG), PVC sheath.
Power Supply 1. 12Vdc UK mains adaptor plug. 2. crocodile clips. 3. Cigarette lighter
3m cable
Binder plug connector
Carry Case IP67 Rated
Foam Padded
Internal Dimensions: Length 538mm, Width 405mm, Depth 245mm
External Dimensions: Length 594mm, Width 473mm, Depth 270mm
Weight: 5.3kg without system, approx 8kg complete