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Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station Calypso Portable Bluetooth Wind Monitoring Station WeatherFile Mobile Compatability WeatherFile 10 Min Averages WeatherFile Wind Speeds

Calypso Wired Bluetooth & WeatherFile Station

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The Calypso Wired & Bluetooth WeatherFile Station enables users to view data in two ways. Firstly via Bluetooth within 50m of the sensor using an Android smartphone or tablet and the WeatherFile Ble Android App and secondly remotely using any internet connected device and our free to use cloud solution

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Calypso Wired & Bluetooth Station Description

The Calypso Wired & Bluetooth WeatherFile Station allows users to view data locally within 50m of the sensor as well as remotely with any internet connected device via our cloud solution

Data can be viewed through the Android App via Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity up to 50m from the sensor (clear line of sight). The App displays current wind speed, wind direction and temperature as well as a continuous 3 second gusting average meeting WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) guidelines.

The Calypso sensor is connected using a 20m cable to the WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) which provides the means of connecting the Calypso sensor via GSM, WiFi or LAN to The WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) is housed in a tough, weatherproof (IP67) enclosure with high quality Binder plug connectors, one cable connects the sensor to the WCU and the system is powered via a 12Vdc mains adaptor plug making installation incredibly simple and cost effective.

Data can be downloaded from WeatherFile without restriction cost free in .CSV (Excel) format for analysis and reporting plus email alerts can be set for user defined wind speed thresholds.

Installation of the sensor is simple and fast, the 33cm mounting mast is engineered from high-quality aluminium with a screw thread at the base to fit a standard VHF antenna mount sizing 1"-14 UNS thread (Ø 20 drill to allow wiring). Please note the VHF antenna mount is not included, please contact us for assistance if required.

This system delivers guaranteed data collection and accessibility regardless of local communication limitations ensuring a reliable cost effective highly accurate wind and temperature monitoring solution.


• Wind speed, wind direction & temperature measurements
• Fast 'plug and play' set up. Live data within minutes
• NMEA 0183 (RS422, RS485) data output & Bluetooth BLE 4.1 communication
• 20m cable to WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU)
• Compact lightweight and durable ultrasonic sensor
• 330mm aluminium mounting mast included
• Maintenance-free, super-accurate sensor resulting in a cost-effective long-term solution
• 2-year warranty as standard

Bluetooth BLE 4.1 communication

• Bluetooth BLE 4.1 to NMEA Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway
• NMEA Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway further connects to local Wi-Fi, LAN or GSM mobile cellular network using WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU)

Android WeatherFile BLE App

• 3 second gusting average
• Current wind speed
• Current wind direction
• Average wind speed, user defined time period

WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) &

• Wireless network connection of Calypso Wired sensor to the internet
• Three data transfer options:
    • GSM mobile cellular network*
    • Local WiFi
    • LAN (ethernet cable)
• Display of weather data on any PC, tablet or smart phone connected to the internet via the website
• Individual site intranet landing page as standard
• 14 day data history graphs as standard
• Data can be downloaded for detailed analysis and graphing
• Email alert functionality when set parameters have been met, such as wind speed
• WCU's own WiFi hotspot enables local page viewing within 50m
• *SIM card not included with GSM mobile cellular option
• Rugged IP67 enclosure

*Note: when connecting over GSM/GPRS cellular network a SIM card is required, quotation on request

Item Contents

• Calypso Wired BLE Sensor
• 20m cable
• Calypso Mounting Mast, Aluminium, 330mm long
• WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU)
• Connection to website
• 12Vdc mains adaptor plug (dependant on regional selection) with Binder connector for WCU
*SIM card not included with GSM mobile cellular option

Wind Speed Range: 1 - 25 m/s
Wind Direction Range: 0 - 360°
Sensors Sample rate: 1,4,8 Hz
Ultrasonic transducers (4x)
Secondary Sensors Thermometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer
(Accuracy may vary depending upon the App used, its release and the firmware version)
Bluetooth Version: 4.0 or beyond
Range: Up to 50 m (clear line of sight)
Data Output NMEA0183 (RS422, RS485)
Baud rate: 4800/38400 (8n1) bauds
Power VCC 5V - 24V
IP Code NOT allowed to be submerged fully or partially in water.
Dimensions Diameter: 70 mm
  Height: 57 mm
  Cable: 20 meters
Weight 135 grams
Easy mount 16 mm (M16x2) female thread