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Gill Anodised Aluminium Mounting Mast

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Anodised aluminium mounting mast for use with the Gill WindSonic and Gill MaxiMet range of sensors, drilled and tapped ready for sensor installation. Available in 3 lengths, 0.75m, 1.5m and 3m.

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Mounting Mast for Gill Sensors Description (Aluminium)

This is a lightweight, durable and aesthetically appealing mounting mast for simple installation of all Gill WindSonic, WindSonic M and GMX MaxiMet sensors. The anodised aluminium alloy mounting mast is available in 3 height options (0.75m, 1.5m, 3m), is sensor ready, drilled and tapped with an additional hole at the base end for attaching an earth strap or for securing the sensor cable.

The mast is also suitable for mounting the Gill WindSonic/MaxiMet Mounting Bracket to deliver a right angled fit and can also take the MetPak weather station via a single U-bolt clamp to the mast.

Used as the main mast or attached to an existing mounting mast it makes installation quick, professional and well finished.


• Height options: 750mm, 1500mm or 3000mm
• Diameter: 44.45mm outer diameter
• Drilled and tapped (MS) to suit all Gill Windsonic & GMX MaxiMet sensors
• Anodised aluminium alloy, depth of 15 microns


• Anodised aluminium alloy
• Outer Diameter: 44.45mm to outer edge of wall
• Height Options: 750mm, 1500mm, 3000mm
• Weight: (895mm-.75kg, 1600mm-1.74kg, 3000mm-3.35kg)
• Drilled and tapped (M5) to suit all Gill WindSonic & MaxiMet sensors
• Due north marking to aid installation
• Base hole for attaching earth strap