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LCJ Capteurs Sonic-Anemo-DZP Self Powered

LCJ Capteurs Sonic-Anemo-DZP Self Powered
(Davis Weather Station Compatible)

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The SONIC-ANEMO-DZP is a cost effective method of upgrading your Davis Vantage Pro 2 anemometer with a more durable highly accurate and maintenance free ultrasonic alternative. It will directly replace the following Davis anemometer models; 6410, 7911, 7913 and 7914.

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LCJ Capteurs Sonic-Anemo-DZP Self Powered (Davis Weather Station Compatible)

The SONIC-ANEMO-DZP ultrasonic wind sensor is compact and lightweight with a built-in photovoltaic solar panel that charges a local LIFEPO4 battery making it ideal for remote locations where power is unavailable. With no moving parts the sensor has distinct advantages over the standard cup and vane supplied with a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station being far more durable, requiring minimal maintenance, thus guaranteeing accuracy over long periods.

This sensor is well suited to remote installations where power consumption is a key factor. The sensor connects directly to a pulse or potentiometer input (Davis instruments) and is widely used by integration professionals in the AWS (Autonomous Weather Station) market. The output data format is WA: 25KΩ, 5V max, WS: Pulse open collector 10 mA max.

The sensor comes complete with a 31cm mast, 5m cable and RJ11 connector ready to replace the following Davis anemometer models:
• 6410
• 7911
• 7913
• 7914


• Davis weather station upgrade
• Agriculture
• Crop spraying
• Temporary structures
• Festival & event management
• Remote wind monitoring stations
• Environmental field sites
• Small airports & helipads
• Coastal weather monitoring stations
• Yacht clubs
• Golf courses
• Construction sites
• Health and safety
• Educational
• Wind turbine, renewable energy
• Fountain control


• Wind speed & wind direction
• Self-powered through photovoltaic panel & battery
• Connects directly to 'Davis Weather' instruments
• Replaces Davis anemometer models 6410, 7911, 7913 and 7914
• RJ11 connector
• Compact; diameter 65 mm, height 40 mm
• Lightweight; 200 grams with mounting mast
• 5m cable as standard
• WA: 25KΩ, 5V max, WS: Pulse open collector 10 mA max data output
• Sample rate; 1Hz
• Low power consumption
• Robust corrosion free construction
• No moving parts
• Extremely low maintenance
• 24 months warranty (LCJ CAPTEURS SONIC-ANEMO-DZP only)

Output data format WA: 25KO, SV max, WS: Pulse open collector 10 mA max
Information transmitted Instant. W. Speed, Instant. W. Angle
Output rate 1 measure and update per second
Wind module sensitivity 0.12 m/s
Wind module resolution 0.05 m/s
Wind module resolution 0.12 to 40 m/s
Direction sensitivity +/-1.5°
Direction resolution 1° (9 bits)
Power supply Photovoltaic Panel, Battery LIFEPO4
Electrical consumption n/a / operates from exposition of 50 W / m2
Op. temp. without icing -15° to +55° C
Cable 5 m / 4x0.22 mm2 - UV proof
Connection RJ11
Weight of the head n/a
Weight of the unit assembly 200 gr with mounting part
Mounting Vertical; 300mm aluminium arm, 0̸ 16 mm