Dedicated Data Logging Function to Autoclaves,
Washer Disinfectors & Ultrasonic Cleaners with RS232 Output


Medical Decontamination Used in medical and dental practices for digital record keeping of steriliser and washer disinfector cleaning cycles, the SpaceLogger replaces or logs alongside a paper printer to provide easy long term storage of records to meet good practice guidelines including HTM01-05.

Paper printouts are time-consuming to maintain and impractical to store. Electronic data logging is a far more efficient method.

Since 2005 SpaceLogger have been reliably recording cycle data from sterilisers and washer disinfectors in the dental & medical market. They are now a widely preferred alternative to printouts for paperless documentation and archiving with units in 1000's of dental & medical practices.

SpaceLogger Benefits

• SpaceLogger replaces a printer and the need to store paper tickets.
• Enable compliance with HTM01-05 decontamination guidelines.
• Data is logged to removable SD memory card for easy transfer of data to a PC.
• Electronic data may be viewed on a PC exactly as per paper print-outs.

TheSpaceLogger D10 has been designed specifically for the medical decontamination device market.

• Data encryption and tamper-proof checks ensure enhanced security of records.
• Instant local alert to operator of pass or failed cycle.
• Membrane keypad with Microban® antimicrobial protection - helps prevent the growth and transfer of bacteria.
• Easy data archiving and reporting with the SpaceLogger Cycle Manager Software

The SpaceLogger T10 offers straightforward, reliable electronic cycle logging to a text file.

• Easy to use with simple setup and no special PC software required.
• Text recorded exactly as per paper print-out
• A versatile, customisable unit.
• 1000's of units in the field.

Suitable for wide range of autoclaves, sterilisers, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners...

• Prestige C3 Advance autoclave
• Prestige Ultraclean II washer
• DAC Universal handpiece cleaner
• Medisafe Pico washers
• Melag autoclaves
• Steelco washers

...and more; please ask for details.


OEM Solutions

Eschmann Little Sister Cycle Logger Eschmann

RPR Ltd supply Eschmann with the Little Sister Cycle Logger, compatible with Little Sister autoclaves and washer disinfectors

For Eschmann Little Sister autoclaves, including the SES range, and Miele washers, the Little Sister Cycle Logger is available from Eschmann direct: www.eschmann.co.uk.

Prestige Medical data logger Prestige Medical

RPR Ltd supply Prestige Medical with the Prestige Data Logger - Compatible with C3 Advance bench top autoclaves and UltraClean II washer disinfectors.

Please contact Prestige Medical regarding this logger: www.prestigemedical.co.uk

Burtons Medical Instaclave with integrated TextLogger Burtons Medical

RPR Ltd supply Burtons Medical with a data logging solution, integrated into their range of autoclaves and washer disinfectors.

Burtons TextLogger - Available with all Burtons Instaclave autoclaves and Instawash washer disinfectors, please contact Burtons Medical: www.burtons.uk.com


RPR Ltd Have Also Developed Solutions For

• Renosem in South Korea - for their range of plasma sterilisers
• PROHS in Portugal - for their range of hospital sterilisers

Customisation For OEM Customers

• We configure the SpaceLogger firmware to suit your equipment and file management requirements.
• We provide suitable cable assemblies and own-brand labelling.
• The unit is available in colour options.
• We can also supply SpaceLogger PCB's for an integrated solution.

Customer Promise