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Sailing Schools, Clubs, Marinas, Coaching & Race Management


Sailing and Yacht clubs require accurate wind data linked to an in-club display. Richard Paul Russell Ltd has developed a cost effective accurate solution. The FlexiMet Wind 1 system combines ultrasonic WindSonic technology with a tailor made software package that delivers a graphical display of real time and historical wind conditions, including current wind speed, average wind speed, maximum gust and direction straight into the club house. Combine this with MetPak technology and you can supply additional temperature, wind chill, humidity, barometric pressure and dew point measurements.

The systems can be remotely positioned with radio links delivering a constant data feed or by cable depending on distance. If you require a separate display remotely, e.g. your starting hut is positioned away from the club house display, the WS-15A Display provides a compact robust cost effective solution.

All the data can be logged using the SpaceLogger W10 (WindLogger) a compact unit that requires low power it will date and time stamp your data direct onto SD card for later analysis. The SpaceLogger W8 Wireless option will allow live viewing of the data via our WeatherFile.com website.

Golf Clubs

Golf course weather

Golfers and golf course management take an active interest in the weather conditions. Temperature, Wind speed and direction measurements linked with precipitation readings form the basis of informed decisions regarding when to spray the course or determining the areas that could be susceptible to flooding. All this information can be data logged ensuring useful long term reporting, taking the guess work out of golf course care and management and useful for risk assessment linked to wind speed and direction.

The WeatherFile.com software delivers a professional display within the clubhouse or over the internet giving golfers real time information, helping them to decide on the correct clothing or when to sneak in that après work round.

Once installed the Richard Paul Russell Ltd system requires virtually no maintenance due to there being no moving parts and unlike a traditional cup and vane wind system it won't stop when a bird lands on it.

Sports Stadium

Sports stadium

Sports stadium management and visitors utilise local weather information for many reasons. Officials will use it to determine whether to cancel events due to weather conditions and facility managers can rely on the weather data to determine heating and cooling plans. Grounds and maintenance crews will utilise the information to determine mowing, planting and watering schedules, and research and educational establishments can incorporate weather station and weather data into their coursework

The information is invaluable for coaches and athletes to evaluate performance and the impact of environmental conditions on individuals.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd can supply systems that simply monitor trackside wind conditions or develop full weather stations linked to our SpaceLogger W10 or SpaceLogger W8 Wireless data loggers, WS-15A display or WeatherFile.com web site for real time viewing of conditions and long term data gathering for later analysis.

The majority of systems we supply are customised and Richard Paul Russell Ltd will work with customers to develop bespoke solutions. Our expert team can advise on a solution that will meet your exact requirements.

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