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WeatherFile WF1 Weather Station

The ultimate solution for live wind & weather monitoring

Step 1: Choose Sensor:
Step 2: Choose Connectivity:
Step 3: Choose Power Supply:
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Please Note: Mobile SIM not included when buying GSM cellular option

The WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) receives data from the sensor and transfers it to the internet using either a LAN, Wi-Fi or GSM/GPRS 3G/4G connection, where it can be viewed using our cloud solution This system offers a 'fit and forget' solution with simple, quick and easy installation supported by our dedicated technical team.

If you wish to discuss a bespoke system specification or have any questions call our technical team on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email

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WeatherFile WF1 Description

The WeatherFile WF1 system is a unique internet connected weather station solution allowing users to select from a wide range of high-quality meteorological sensors and methods of connectivity.

At the heart of the WeatherFile WF1 system is the WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) which provides the means of connecting the weather sensors via GSM/GPRS, WiFi or LAN to Data is viewable on and is also directly accessible within 50m (GSM/GPRS only) of the WCU using its own WiFi on a local display page.

The WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) is housed in a tough, weatherproof (GSM/GPRS & WiFi IP67 rated & LAN IP65 rated) enclosure with high quality Binder plug connectors, one cable connects the sensor to the WCU and the system is powered via a 12Vdc mains adaptor plug making installation incredibly simple and cost effective.

In addition, the WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) has a host of features to ensure the system operates consistently at the highest level:
• Data logged even if internet connection lost, data will catch up once connection restored
• Power control system manages individual system elements
• Data delivery to WeatherFile can be scheduled to reduce power consumption
• Optional data privacy via SSL secure login to a private area on

To configure your WeatherFile solution simply follow the steps below:

• Step 1: Select your sensor based on the parameters you want to measure (see Sensor Selector)
• Step 2: Select your preferred connectivity to; GSM/GPRS, WiFi or LAN (ethernet cable)
  Please Note: Mobile SIM not included when buying GSM cellular option
• Step 3: Select your regional power supply; UK, EU, USA or AUS/ASIA

Richard Paul Russell Ltd work with clients to deliver bespoke solutions, please contact our technical team on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email to discuss your specific requirements.

Rental / Long Term Lease

Systems are also available for short term rental hire or long term lease, terms vary depending on system specification and rental/lease period, please contact us for more information.


• Fast 'plug and play' set up. Live data within minutes
• 24/7 view of live data via
• Local display page within 50m (GSM/GPRS only)
• 14 day data history graphs as standard
• Data can be downloaded for detailed analysis and graphing in .CSV (Excel) file format, rights free without cost
• A full suite of weather parameters can be measured including wind speed, wind direction, apparent and true wind, WMO wind average and gust, air temperature, air pressure, temperature, relative humidity, absolute humidity, barometric pressure, dew point and precipitation
• Optional GPS positioning
• Email alert functionality when a user defined wind speed limit has been exceeded
• WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) housed in tough, weatherproof enclosure
    • IP67 GSM/GPRS & WiFi versions
    • IP65 LAN version (IP67 on request only)
• Maintenance-free, super-accurate sensors resulting in a cost-effective long-term solution
• Lightning protection can be added, please contact us for a quotation
• 2 year warranty as standard

Item Contents

• Sensor as selected
• WeatherFile Communications Unit (WCU). Version as selected
• Mounting mast to suit sensor
• Sensor to WCU cable to suit sensor
• 12Vdc mains power adaptor with 3m cable and connector for WCU. Mains plug asselected
• connection details

Sensor Refer to manual on documents tab, varies with selection
WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) See WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) web page »
Mounting Mast for Gill Sensors Height: 750mm
Diameter: 44.45mm OD
Drilled and tapped (MS)
Anodised aluminium alloy, depth of 15 microns
RS232 Cable Diameter: 4.8mm
Length: 15m
Weight: 0.65 kg approx
Construction: 5 core, tinned copper conductor 24(7) AWG, 0.22mm2, PVC insulation, Cores laid up, overall aluminium/polyester foil screen, tinned copper drain wire (24AWG), PVC sheath.
Connection to WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) GSM/GPRS & WiFi by screwless terminals
LAN by RJ45 connector
Power Supply 12Vdc mains adaptor plug, varies with geographical region
3m cable
Binder 720 series plug connector

Case Study


Richard Paul Russell Ltd. was delighted to offer a cost effective 'plug and play' solution to Phoenix Model Flying Club. Founded 30 years ago with over 200 members, they required ground level highly accurate wind data so members can judge safe limits to fly. An essential part of the requirement was for members to be able to view the data remotely so they can avoid unnecessary trips to the club when high winds are present.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd. delivered a cost-effective solution that exceeded the clients brief, meeting all their "must-haves" with additional desirable functionality well within budget. Key elements of the system included a WeatherFile Connection Unit (WCU) that gathers data directly from the sensor that is sent over the local WiFi network to the WeatherFile website. This data can be viewed over the public internet with any connected device from any location. Additional email alert functionality enables club members to receive notifications directly to their inbox when wind limits are exceeded.

The system was self-installed on time within budget and to specification, delivering highly accurate live wind speed and direction readings through a Gill WindSonic 1 sensor connected directly to WeatherFile. Email alerts and long term data capture provide a complete solution that far exceeds the clients' expectations.

Choose your sensor based on the parameters you want to measure.

GMX 240
GMX 500
GMX 501
GMX 600
  WindSonic 60 GMX240 GMX500 GMX501 GMX600
Wind Speed Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Wind Direction Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
Compass Corrected Wind Direction   Tick Tick Tick Tick
Air Temperature     Tick Tick Tick
Relative Humidity     Tick Tick Tick
Dew Point     Tick Tick Tick
Precipitation   Tick     Tick
Solar Radiation       Tick  

Note there are many more sensor options from Gill Instruments and other manufacturers that can be used in our systems. If the functions or sensor options, you require are not listed above please call our technical team on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email

If you want to discuss a bespoke system specification or have any questions call
our technical team on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email