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Kestrel Replacement Impeller Kestrel Replacement Impeller

Kestrel Replacement Impeller

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Kestrel Replacement Impeller for all Kestrel Meter Models


For customers requiring independent calibration certificates for their Kestrel, a new impeller would require re-calibration - please refer to our calibration services.

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Kestrel Impeller replacement

Kestrel Impeller Description

Each Kestrel impeller is individually calibrated in Kestrel's NIST traceable wind tunnel to Kestrel specifications and comes with its own Certificate of Conformity. Simply replacing the impeller in any Kestrel meter of any age restores factory calibration.

The impeller is user replaceable, requires no tools, simply press the new impeller into place, popping out the old one at the same time.

The assembly is supplied with a retaining o-ring.

Replacing The Impeller
Step 1. Using your thumbs press FIRMLY on the impeller module to remove the entire unit.
Step 2. Press only the sides of the new impeller when installing to avoid damaging the precision hub bearing.
Step 3. Insert the impeller so that the side that has a small triangle (close to the perimeter) faces the front of the Kestrel when installed.
Step 4. Orient one "arm" straight up (fig.1 & fig.2).
Step 5. The impeller can be pushed in from either side.


• User replaceable
• High precision axle and low-friction Zytel® bearings
• 25mm (1") diameter
• Factory calibrated
• Fits all Kestrel models
• Quick and easy to replace - no tools required


Impeller diameter 25mm
Housing diameter 30mm
Housing depth 14mm
Weight 5g approx
Bearings Zytel®
Operational range 0.6m/s to 60m/s
Specification range 0.6m/s to 40m/s
Accuracy 3%
Calibration drift 1% after 100hrs operation at 7m/s
Wind speed measurements are tested during manufacture.
(US Patent 5,783,753)