Here at Richard Paul Russell Ltd we are getting increasingly excited with regards the upcoming launch of the new Kestrel DROP™ range of environmental data loggers that will be launching this summer.

Kestrel DROP™ are a range of compact, rugged, waterproof and accurate data loggers allowing users to monitor and record environmental data in numerous locations (in transit, water, gardens, warehouses, food trucks etc) and log the data that can then be transmitted via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to a users smart device.

You can simply drop the Kestrel DROP™ at any location and immediately start to gather local environmental data. The Kestrel DROPs, which come in high-visibility red, blue and desert tan, feature three sets of measurements:

• Kestrel DROP 1 Smart Temperature Data Logger – Temperature • Kestrel DROP 2 Smart Humidity Data Logger – Temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point temperature • Kestrel DROP 3 Smart Environmental Data Logger – Temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, density altitude, barometric pressure, moisture content, humidity ratio, relative air density and absolute pressure.

The data from the Kestrel DROP™ can be viewed real-time or downloaded at the end of a monitoring period directly onto a users iPhone, iPad or iPod from where it can be viewed in chart or table form and manipulated as required. Data can also be shared by email, text or social media by using the Kestrel Connect App that will be available from the iTunes App store.

Keep an eye out on for more details, availability is expected form August onwards.

Kestrel DROP
Kestrel DROP Environmental Data Logger