The Kestrel 3500 Delta T Agricultural Weather Meter is an essential aid to farmers for determining the best conditions for crop spraying. The device delivers Delta T readings (the difference between the wet bulb temperature and the dry bulb temperature).

Delta T offers a quick guide to determining acceptable spraying conditions. For example, it is not recommended to apply pesticides when Delta T is above 10 – a range of 2 to 8 is ideal. With the Kestrel 3500 Delta T, the calculation is done for you, accurately and simply.

The Kestrel 3500 Delta T incorporates barometric pressure correction in its wet bulb temperature calculation, ensuring accuracy even on low pressure days, at high altitudes and in very dry weather when Delta T monitoring is important. No other pocket weather meter offers this feature with this level of accuracy

By also measuring other critical conditions, such as relative humidity and wind speed, the kestrel 3500 Delta T helps ensure safe and effective spraying. A trend arrow displays whether the pressure is rising, stable or falling, this trend is calculated over a 3-hour period. The pressure is monitored even when the 3500 Delta T is switched off.

For long term environmental monitoring you can mount the Kestrel 3500 Delta T on a tripod in a wind vane, in this mode it can log the environmental conditions without human interaction.

All Kestrel Weather Meters come with a 5 year warranty are waterproof to IP67 standard and drop tested to MIL-STD-810g standard ensuring wherever you are it will deliver the results with accuracy and reliability.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd also design and manufacture fixed weather stations with data logging functionality for long term remote environmental monitoring.

The Kestrel 3500DT Agricultural Weather Meter is available in a yellow coloured case (RRP £243). The Kestrel Tripod comes with a carry case (RRP £84) and the Kestrel Vane Mount comes with a padded nylon carry case (RRP £63).

Delta T Meter
Kestrel 3500DT Crop Spraying Weather Meter