Upgrade your Kestrel 1000 – 5000 series with these accessories to get the most out of your meter.

Vane Mount and Case:

Turn your Kestrel device into a complete weather station with a vane mount and case. Beginning at £54.95 inc. VAT for the 1000-3000 series, the vane mount and case securely mount any Kestrel to a tripod, giving you more options on how you use your Kestrel meter. Your meter can be stored in the vane mount pouch, making it the most portable weather station in the world.

Mini tripod and clamp:

LiNK iOS app

Built for the K5000 series, the mini tripod is the perfect option for ballistics when shooting from range stand. Sturdy and lightweight, the tripod is extremely portable and weather resistant, ensuring you can take that perfect shot wherever you go. Featuring three adjustable legs. non-slip vinyl feet, and a tilt/rotate U ball, you can be certain that even on the most uneven of surfaces that you will get accurate readings. Price: £36.95 inc. VAT

LiNK App:

Does your Kestrel have Bluetooth? Download the LiNK iOS/Android app to get remote mobile device viewing of real-time readings from your Kestrel 5000 Series Meter or DROP data logger. You can keep historical data stored on your device and view graphs to help you analyse your shots. The app also allows you to set alerts in certain weather conditions, including emails to your device, ensuring you only shoot when conditions are appropriate. Price: FREE

HST Molle Carry Case:

HST Carry Case

Pair your Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker with a heavy duty Cordura Carry Case – the ultimate protection for your Kestrel. Featuring a rugged outer shell and zip feature, this carry-case allows you to take your K5400 into tough conditions all over the world. Made of 500-denier Cordura nylon and 200-denier Kevlar, this case is extremely resistant to abrasion and damage in the harshest of environments. Price: £69.95 inc. VAT