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LCJ Capteurs CV7 Ultra Lightweight & Compact Wind Sensor

LCJ Capteurs CV7 Ultra Lightweight & Compact Wind Sensor

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The LCJ CV7 ultrasonic wind sensor is compact and lightweight with extremely low power consumption making it ideal for harsh environments and remote locations. With no moving parts the CV7 has distinct advantages over non-ultrasonic sensors being far more durable, requiring minimal maintenance, thus guaranteeing accuracy over long periods.

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LCJ Capteurs CV7 Ultra Lightweight & Compact Wind Sensor

Ultrasonic technology provides many advantages over conventional cup anemometers and vane sensors. Having no moving parts that can jam, break or wear out the LCJ CV7 ultrasonic wind sensor has extremely low power consumption making it ideal for harsh conditions and remote locations when you need to know you can just fit and leave without fear of failure or damage that occurs with traditional cup and vane sensors.

The CV7 only requires an 8-30 VDC power supply and outputs RS232/RS422/ 5 V level signal / NMEA0183 and comes complete with a 25m cable and 31cm mast and mounting bracket.

The LCJ CV7 anemometer comes in two options:
• CV7-V. The CV7-V sensor has a sampling rate of 2Hz. Sensor data can be directly processed by a PC or any programmable device with a TTL or RS232 serial port. The transmission protocol is NMEA0183.
• CV7-E. The CV7-E sensor has a sampling rate of 4Hz. Designed especially for terrestrial installation and used by numerous research laboratories. It can be processed by a PC or by development kits like Arduino, Raspberry etc. Outputs RS232/RS422/ 5 V level signal / NMEA0183

If you require USB connectivity an additional USB 'Black Box' can be supplied on request.

Analogue output is also available on request through the addition of two DIN rail mountable interface units that offer multiple 0-10V or 4-20ma outputs.

The LCJ CV7-V sensor can also be connected to the WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU) to create a complete end to end IoT connected wind monitoring solution, see the WeatherFile WF1 Weather Station.


• Agriculture
• Crop spraying
• Sailing
• Power boats
• Extreme sports
• Temporary structures
• Festival & event management
• Remote wind monitoring stations
• Road & rail tunnels
• Environmental field sites
• Marine vessels
• Mobile weather monitoring vehicles
• Small airports & helipads
• Coastal weather monitoring stations
• Yacht clubs
• Golf courses
• Tower crane operation
• Construction sites
• Health and safety
• Educational
• Wind turbine, renewable energy


• Wind speed & wind direction
• Compact; diameter 65 mm, height 40 mm
• Lightweight; 200 grams with mast
• 310mm aluminium mounting mast included
• 25m cable as standard (other lengths available on request)
• RS232/RS422/NMEA0183; MWV, XDR data output
• Sample rate; CV7-V 2Hz, CV7-E 4Hz
• Low power consumption
• Robust corrosion free construction
• No moving parts
• Extremely low maintenance
• WeatherFile cloud solution ready when using the WeatherFile Communication Unit (WCU)
• 24 months warranty

Output data format NMEA0183; MWV, XDR
Information transmitted Instant. W. Speed, Instant. W. Angle, availability
Output rate (CV7-V) 2 Hz / 30 Hz measurement
Output rate (CV7-E) 4 Hz / 60 Hz measurement
Wind module sensitivity 0.12 m/s
Wind module resolution 0.05 m/s
Wind module resolution 0.12 to 40 m/s
Direction sensitivity +/-1.5°
Direction resolution
Power supply 8 V to 30 V DC
Electrical consumption 9 mA
Op. temp. without icing -15° to +55° C
Cable 25 m / 4x0.22 mm2
Connection 4 wires
Weight of the head 100 gr
Weight of the unit assembly 200 gr with mounting part
Mounting Vertical; 300 mm aluminium arm, 0̸ 16 mm