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Today the south of the UK may experience the warmest December day on record, so lets take a look at one of our more specialised product ranges available.

Heat and humidity are tough on cattle. Rising temperatures and humidity result in increasing body temperatures, with very negative consequences. Even cattle living in fairly moderate climates may experience periods of heat stress. Heat stress causes a wide range of behavioral and medical issues in cattle – all of which cost the dairy or beef producer money.

Kestrel devices include handheld and portable solutions for heat stress measurement specific to dairy and beef cattle. The Kestrel 5400AG Cattle Heat Stress Tracker ( Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress range ) can be easily set up for a particular group of cattle with simple menu picks for animal and environment variables. It can then be mounted at the pen where it will automatically track day and night conditions and calculate the current AHLU. You can even receive alerts on your mobile phone signaling the right time to implement heat stress management plans for maximum effect with minimum cost. The Kestrel Drop D2AG Livestock Heat Stress Monitor ( Kestrel Drop range )is a small data logger that tracks temperature, humidity and THI in any indoor or outdoor location. Extremely low cost and easily read on your mobile phone from up to 100’ away, you can afford to place many Kestrel DROPs around your farm.

For our winters ( and summers ) the Kestrel Drop datalogger range and the Kestrel rugged Weather and Environmental Meters are the gold standard for professionals and hobbyists around the world available from

All Kestrel Meters are designed to provide accurate, actionable information in critical conditions to help people do their jobs more effectively, be more successful in their outdoor activities, and stay safer.

Kestrel meters are covered by an industry leading five-year warranty.