Richard Paul Russell Ltd has added a new location to with Yacht Haven Lymington fitting a FlexiMet Wind 2 System. Yacht Haven required a system that delivered highly accurate and reliable wind speed and direction data. The system was to be located on a flag pole on top of their roof and they didn’t want to make costly service visits to the sensor or system. They also required wireless transmission of the data over their WiFi network to their own display and the website so all customers could view the data from any location before they made the journey to their boats.
Richard Paul Russell Ltd recommended the FlexiMet Wind 2 System. This system utilises the WindSonic 1 sensor based on proven ultrasonic technology from Gill Instruments. This 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor is maintenance-free and easy to install and delivers the ultimate in highly accurate ‘plug and go’ wind speed and direction monitoring. The perfect choice for remote, offshore or long term monitoring, the corrosion free exterior eliminates costly maintenance and servicing procedures.
The data from the WindSonic 1 sensor is fed via RS232 cable to a SpaceLogger.W8.Wireless data logger. Data is stored on a removable SD memory card and may be accessed wirelessly using the SpaceLogger Real-time Communicator Software. Data is sampled at 1Hz from the connected sensor. Each data record is date and time-stamped when it is stored. A new file (.CSV) is generated for each day’s worth of data.
The SpaceLogger.W8.Wireless was enabled for FTP’ing of live wind & weather data to the Weather-File website to provide access to the real-time data remotely.
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FlexiMet Wind 2
FlexiMet Wind 2 System with WiFi compatibility