As the sea temperature rises and sea breezes start forming it’s looking like the perfect weekend to get to the water. Sailors, canoeists, kite surfers, wind surfers and SUP boarders have all relied on Kestrel Weather Meters to accurately supply environmental data and predict future weather patterns.
Accurately assessing wind speed and direction is essential information for the yachtsman and water sports enthusiast. The Kestrel 1000 measures wind speed, whilst the more sophisticated Kestrel 4500 will allow you to measure crosswind, headwind and tailwind, useful for kite surfers and wind surfers when assessing beach suitability.
Yachtsman find the Kestrel 2500 is the perfect product as it provides users with the most accurate pressure readings. The Kestrel 2500 can offer sailors a fair amount of warning when the weather is about to worsen. When barometric pressure drops steadily, it usually means a low pressure system is fast approaching. No matter what size boat or yacht, all sailors can benefit from having a Kestrel meter aboard.
Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Kestrel Weather Meters and Water Sport
Kestrel 1000 and Kite Surfing