UPDATE  BBC CountryFile.

Last month Richard Paul Russell Ltd were asked to provide live Wind& Weather Data via one of our FlexiMetGSM Weather Stations. Located at the first ever BBC CountryFile Live event 2016 at Blenheim Palace. Full Live Wind and Weather data viewed via our www.WeatherFile.com was available to the 125+thousand visitors on internet enabled mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptops.


Countryfile is a wonderful program covering all aspects of the great outdoors. This week we saw Ellie Harrison climbing to great heights on Helvellyn with the hilltop assessors looking a weather predictions. The Lake District is a beautiful part of England but in the winter great consideration must be taken of the prevailing weather conditions. During the program we saw the Lake District hilltop assessor using a Kestrel 2000 for his measurement of temperature, wind speed and direction.

The Kestrel 2000 thermo-anemometer provides high quality, performance and functionality. Temperature and wind chill functionality make it a must have device for skiers, snowboarders, climbers and any outdoor enthusiast. It has three buttons below the display, making operation simple and allowing the user to view data in current, maximum and average wind speed displays, temperature and wind chill displays and also the data hold function.

Countryfile1 Kestrel 2000