Richard Paul Russell Ltd are proud to supply R-P-R designed  SpaceLogger .S10 dataloggers to Westcotec Ltd., for vehicle speed and time datalogging in their Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS). Westcotec are  specialists in the design, manufacture & installations of Vehicle VAS and other speed and warning signs seen in the UK and overseas.

The Transport for London TfL ‘Effectiveness of Speed Indicator Devices (SID or VAS) on reducing vehicle speeds in London’ ( LK Walter and J Knowles ) and the research results ‘the link between vehicle speed and the frequency of injury collisions’ ( Taylor et al 2000). Suggests that a 5.6% reduction in collisions might be expected on the section of road where SID is influencing drivers’ speed choice.

Reduction in collisions in the UK is good to see. Take care out there folks.

SpaceLoggerS10 speed reductionSpaceLoggerD10Datalogger