Today the RPR Ltd team have been busy installing their first WiFi connected wind monitoring system.

The Portland 1 and Portland 2 wind sensors have both been upgraded with the Spacelogger.W8.Wireless data logger which no takes the data directly from the sensor and uploads it directly to the site over the harbour authorities local WiFi network.

The benefits of this system is a huge reduction in hardware and thus cost whilst improving the consistency and accuracy of the data uploaded, minimising down time and allowing the data to be viewed anywhere at anytime.

The SpaceLogger.W8.Wireless data logger has been developed for economic logging of real-time wind speed and direction data when using Gill Instruments’ anemometers with a single serial output and for full environmental data logging from the MetPak Weather Station.

Data is stored on a removable SD card and files can be accessed wirelessly using the SpaceLogger Real-time Communicator Software. Data is collected at 1Hz from the sensor, date and time stamped and saved in a CSV file daily. 10 minute averaged values are taken from the data and sent to the site along with instant readings giving both real-time dials and long-term data in exel form.

RPR Ltd are now rolling out complete systems under the FlexiMet brand name. For more information please call 0044 (0) 1590 679755 or email

FlexiMet Wind 2
FlexiMet Wind 2 System with WiFi compatibility