As the temperature rises so does the demand for HVAC engineers as they are called to test or service heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. HVAC engineers are highly pressured at these busy times and the HVAC industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies to assist in saving time and increasing accuracy. The Kestrel 4200 is beginning to be adopted by the industry with companies such as Eberspacher seeing the benefits.
Originally temperature was the main factor considered when designing and implementing an HVAC system. However as technology advanced other environmental parameters such as humidity and moisture content were taken into account, these additional measurements created problems when evaluating performance as cumbersome equipment and complicated calculations were needed to carry out servicing and testing.
The Kestrel 4200 takes all the hassle away allowing all the data to be recorded and viewed in real time, viewed immediately over PC or downloaded later from the Kestrel unit. Calculations are all done automatically giving volume air flow readings from any duct variant, saving time, cost and reducing errors.
HVAC engineers once using the Kestrel 4200 immediately see the benefits of this compact, robust and inexpensive product.

K4200 HVAC
Kestrel 4200 HVAC Meter