Recently we had a request to acquire data from a set of Kern DE scales linked to a bar code reader. The customer wanted to weigh individual and groups of product, gather data with date and time stamp.

The SpaceLogger.S10 model provided the solution to this request. The SpaceLogger.S10 data logger utilised the RS232 port on the Kern scales so there was no need for connection to a PC, this was important as the scales were remote and no PC was available nearby.

Data can be recorded in many ways and in line with the Kern scales functionality, all data is date and time stamped and the machine id and company details can be referenced within the data stream if required.

The customer wanted two separate levels of functionality. The ability to piece count with the Kern scales set in ‘parts-counting’ mode a reference parcel weight was taken for 5 units and then subsequent parcel batches can be weighed and referenced back to this weight. Data is captured by simply pressing the print key on the Kern scale. The data stream includes:

Date/Time/Company & Location/Kern Model/Kern Serial No/Net Weight/Quantity /Unit Weight

The customer was using this data stream to block weigh multiple units and averaging out the weight for quality control assessment. Other useful applications would be to measure output efficiency, box weights and distribution costs.

The second specific requirement was for quality control linked to a barcode. The Kern scales were set in ‘standard-weighing’ mode, items are then scanned by the bar code reader and placed on the scales. The print key then captures data to the logger. The data stream includes:

Date/Time/Bar Code/Net Weight

Resulting from this customer requirement we now have the SpaceLogger.S10 data logger compatible with Kern DE, FCB, PCB, 440, CDEE and CDE scales and the following data outputs are compatible PrPC (data output using ‘print’ key), AUPr (automatic data output of stable weights) and AUPC (continuous data output).

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SpaceLogger and weighing
SpaceLogger.S10 data logger linked to Kern DE scales and barcode reader
Data Logger Weighing
SpaceLogger.S10 Data Logger