North Ronaldsay is one of the smallest, most isolated and northerly of Orkney’s populated isles.  The island is home to fascinating wildlife, natural beauty and the island’s unique seaweed eating sheep. North Ronaldsay sheep are an ancient breed which are kept on the foreshore by a 13-mile drystone wall known as a dyke and they live mainly on seaweed. They are allowed on pasture only during lambing and are managed by a sheep court of islanders. North Ronaldsay is well known as one of the best birdwatching sites in the country during the spring and autumn migration periods. The quantity and variety of birds that can be seen at these times is often spectacular.

Man has had a profound influence on the island. The earliest evidence of human settlement was around 7000BC and it was more recently included into the Viking kingdoms of the 8th century AD.  Now home to approximately 70 people North Ronaldsay has preserved a distinct cultural tradition; loved by visitors and residents.
North Ronaldsay is now at a critical point in its history. With its population dwindling, and the islanders traditional way of life threatened, the future of the island is unclear. Tourism has become increasingly important in recent years, but still many people are unaware of this truly remote and fascinating island. Access to North Ronaldsay is by ferry or daily flights.

Knowing the local weather conditions at a destination is invaluable for pilots flying to such remote locations. North Ronaldsay airport now benefits from the addition of a FlexiMet Wind 1 System with the additional GSMWeatherfile connection. This system allows anyone with internet access via Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop or PC, to view, in real time, the live Wind Speed and Direction at this remote airfield.

Richard Paul Russell Ltd. have been recording live weather data for well over 15 years. Our archive provides a wealth of data events for weather historians. shows Live Wind and Weather Data from weather feeds located around the UK and Worldwide. displays Live Wind data along with data up to a 10 day period. (Comprehensive data is available over greater time periods by contacting R-P-R Ltd )

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