The UK winter up to now has been wet and windy, it is now very Wet!  Noticeably though, temperature readings have been holding up above seasonal averages, but …..

This weeks weather outlook is a chilly change downwards to the more normal ‘cold’  winter temperatures. With the high winds still being forecasted, the chilling effects of the wind needs careful monitoring for the safety of all outdoor workers and those pursuing outdoor activities.

All Kestrel Weather Meters (except the Kestrel 1000) are thermo-anemometers and allow Wind Chill to be calculated and displayed.

Wind Chill becomes a hazard when heat is drawn away from the skin faster than the body can replace it. This may lead to frostbite or worse.

The chilling effect of the wind, a combination of wind speed and temperature, can be represented by the lower temperature that would be required to produce the same chilling sensation for a person walking in calm conditions. Wind Chill indicates to the user how their environment really feels and is an important indicator in assessing the comfort of personnel spending periods outdoors

The Kestrel 2000 is a small, electronic rotating vane type anemometer (wind meter) with a built-in temperature sensor. It uses high precision Zytel® bearings and a lightweight impeller for accurate air flow measurements even at low speeds. In order to quickly determine a steady temperature reading, the precision thermistor temperature sensor is mounted externally.

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