In November nearly 150000 visitors flocked to MEDICA 2014 the world’s largest medical trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Among many Richard Paul Russell Ltd customers exhibiting, Renosem in Korea proudly presented their new RENO Low Temperature Plasma Gas Sterilizer which has an R-P-R SpaceLogger data logger installed.

Plasma sterilization includes exposing an article to be sterilised to mixed
gas generated from a plasma generator and hydrogen peroxide solution.
The exposure of the article to the plasma gas is carried out at pressure ranged
from vacuum to over atmosphere for a time period sufficient to effect sterilization.

Low temperature plasma sterilisation technology is gentler on rigid scopes than steam sterilizers. After complete sterilisation and due to no aeration time, the immediate use (or packaged storage for later use) is possible.Low temperature plasma sterilisation is used on a broad range of surgical instruments and devices; cardiac catheters; implants; rigid scopes, single-channel flexible endoscopes, cameras, light cords, batteries, power drills, etc.

SpaceLoggers, designed and manufactured at R-P-R sites in Hampshire, are used for the record-keeping of process parameters in Medical/Dental/Veterinary use and offer paperless data storage.

Renosem Low Temperature Plasma Gas Steriliser
Renosem Low Temperature
Plasma Gas Steriliser
Data Logger Weighing
SpaceLogger.T10 Data Logger