The UK has been seeing unprecedented temperatures and little to zero rainfall for weeks, which means many of our crops, livestock and agricultural land have been suffering. It can be difficult to know what extent the dryness and temperature can have on agricultural work, yet Richard Paul Russell Ltd offers several items that may be a great help.

Kestrel 5500AG Agricultural weather meter

This meter is RPR’s most complete environmental meter designed for agricultural purposes. This meter measures moisture content, wind direction (including crosswind), and includes a digital compass, meaning it goes above and beyond the 5000AG model. Perfect for livestock care, crop production, barn welfare and other agricultural activities, this meter calculates Delta T – which provides guidance on the evaporation rate of sprayed chemicals, so you can select the best time and spray nozzle for spraying.

Kestrel DROP D2 AG

Need something more portable? The Kestrel DROP D2AG is an easy to use highly accurate livestock heat stress data logger with free-to-use Bluetooth connected App for both iOS and Android.

This small, rugged and drop-proof data logger measures temperature-humidity index (THI), as well as temperature, humidity, dew point and heat stress index to give data to help manage your livestock or crops.

The device is IP67-rated and can be connected to the Kestrel App via a smart device from up to 100ft away. Conveniently designed with a ring, DROP D2AG can be easily hooked or placed in the barn, during transport, or anywhere livestock and feedstock are housed.

Kestrel 5000AG Livestock Environmental Meter

The Kestrel 5000AG is a compact handheld device used by farmers, sheep and cattle producers, veterinary professionals and livestock handlers. This environmental meter has a variety of agricultural specific applications including assessing barn and storage ventilation effectiveness, barn climate, livestock heat stress, air speed, field microclimates, storage conditions and transportation safety.

The meter has an extremely large data capacity and can be paired with a tripod to be left for weeks. Above and beyond the DROP data logger, this meter measures:

• Dew Point Temperature
• Heat Stress Index
• Relative Humidity
• Air Flow & Air Speed
• Temperature-Humidity Index (THI)
• Temperature / Wind Chill (Fahrenheit and Celsius)
• Station Pressure (Absolute Pressure)
• Barometric Pressure (inHg and hPa (mb))
• Pressure Trend
• Altitude (Feet and Meters)
• Density altitude
• Wet Bulb Temperature (Psychrometric)
• Exterior temperature, humidity & pressure sensors for fast & accurate readings

Need something else?

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