Richard Paul Russell Ltd are very proud to have recently supplied the ‘Mr Whippy’ drag racing team with a Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker.

The ‘Mr Whippy’ racing team were the 2012 European Champions and have an awesome record at the highest level in this breath taking adrenalin fuelled sport. M.Bugeja won the title with a massive 300 point margin. But like any dedicated team they are always looking for the edge and the Kestrel 4250 is the latest addition to their technical arsenal.

The Kestrel 4250 gives the drag racers and pit crews immediate and accurate environmental data to ensure they tune these thoroughbred machines perfectly.

The Kestrel 4250 delivers air density, relative air density, station pressure, moisture content (humidity ratio) and density altitude right next to the car trackside. This data allows mechanics to make those last minute dial-in tuning decisions required to get 100% out of the vehicle. The horsepower of the drag racing car is directly linked to oxygen intake and this is altered by air density thus the requirement to make these alterations as close to the car and start time as possible.

We wish the ‘Mr Whippy’ race team all the best for the forthcoming season and hope to see the Kestrel trackside.

kestrel 4250 and Mr Whippy race team
Mr Whippy Race Team In Action
Kestrel 4250
Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker