Richard Paul Russell Ltd have been working hard with journalists and field testers within the shooting market with the new Kestrel 4500 Applied Ballistics model. Applied Ballistics links the kestrel to the full ‘Litz’ library of G1 and G7 referenced Ballistic Coefficients (BC’s) and from this you can do custom drag curve modelling and ballistics truing associated with actual bullet impacts and build firearms profiles on your PC.

Chris Parkin at Shooting Sports Magazine has done an in depth review of the Kestrel with Applied Ballistics and the full review can be found here. We thank Chris for his time in putting together this review and hope its honesty and detail will help prospective users fully understand the benefits of this product.

An introductory video into the product can also be viewed on our You Tube Channel here.

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Kestrel Applied Ballistics
Kestrel 4500 Applied Ballistics