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Kestrel Range of Hand-Held Weather Meters

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Delta T
Elite AB
Elite AB
Price from(*)£94.27£117.29£186.33£186.33£232.36£232.36£312.90£314.55£314.22£489.95£404.96£283.11£772.03
LiNK Model£381.95£381.95£381.95£687.70£485.51£628.03£977.74£1,185.17
NV ModelTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Current Wind SpeedTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Max Wind GustTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Avg Wind SpeedTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Temperature TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Wind Chill TickTickTickTick TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Backlit Display TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Clock  Tick TickTickTickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Pressure Trend  Tick TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Altitude  Tick TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Barometric Pressure  Tick TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Relative Humidity   TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Heat Index   TickTick TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Dew Point Temp   TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Wet Bulb Temp    TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Density Altitude      TickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Absolute Pressure      TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick
Exportable Data Logs      TickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Data Log Graphing      TickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Air Density       TickTick       
Humidity Ratio       TickTick       
Evaporation Rate        Tick       
Volume Air Flow        Tick       
Delta T     Tick  Tick  Tick     
Wet Bulb Globe Temp (WBGT)         Tick    TickTick
Thermal Work Limit         Tick      
Naturally Asp. Wet Bulb Temp         Tick      
Globe Temp         Tick      
Threshold Alerts         Tick      
Built in Flag Settings         Tick      
Digital Compass         TickTick TickTickTickTick
Wind Direction         TickTick TickTickTickTick
Crosswind         TickTick TickTickTickTick
Headwind/Tailwind         TickTick TickTickTickTick
Integrated Ballistics Calc            TickTickTickTick
Enhanced Processor Speed               Tick
Adjustable Bluetooth Signal               Tick
Kestrel LiNK App (iOS)      TickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Kestrel LiNK App (Android)      TickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Kestrel LiNK for PC      TickTickTickTickTick TickTickTickTick
Kestrel LiNK Ballistics (iOS)            TickTickTickTick
Kestrel LiNK Ballistics (Android)            TickTickTickTick

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