Richard Paul Russell Ltd have over 20 years of experience in the wind and weather monitoring market and have been supplying many customers within the events and temporary structure market including Victorious Festival, StageCo and Baconinflate.

Product solutions have expanded and split into two main areas, handheld and fixed solutions. Handheld devices offer a simple and cost-effective way of measuring wind speed at a local level.

Fixed solutions allow the sensor to be located above the structure roofline in a clear wind path, log data continuously and allow a live view of data from any location using any internet connected device, data can be downloaded into Excel format for records.

A short overview of the most popular options is below:

Handheld Solutions

  • Kestrel 1000 – Pure instant wind speed reading with average for duration you hold it for. This product does not log data and would require the user to manually take note of the wind speed conditions
  • Kestrel 5000 Weather Station – Allows for all weather parameters to be measured and logged on the unit with a Bluetooth link to transfer data wirelessly to PC, laptop, smartphone etc as required
  • Pricing starts from £58.29 to £324.96 ex VAT

WeatherFile Cloud Connected

  • Logs data continuously and stores locally
  • In addition, transfers data over local GSM Cellular Mobile network, WiFi Network or LAN (ethernet cable) to WeatherFile
  • WeatherFile can be viewed from any location with any internet connected device
  • Email alerts can be set to warn if wind speeds exceed certain set parameters
  • Data can be downloaded free of charge without limitations for any time period in .CSV (excel) format
  • Data never lost as stored locally on SD card and also remotely within the WeatherFile cloud solution
  • Complete systems from around £1270 ex VAT
  • This system can also be hired

Richard Paul Russell Ltd systems meet the Institution of Structural Engineers guidance on temporary demountable structures, procurement, design and use and they are available to advise on product selection, installation and monitoring, working with clients in developing bespoke solutions if required.

You can contact our technical team by email or call +44 (0)1590 641223