Another WeatherFile location has been added to the ever expanding network now totalling 44 sites with more coming on stream as I write.

The latest site is 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN the home of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), Transport for London and others.  The building boasts 515,000 sq. ft. of office space with a feature roof terrace over 500 sq. m with a width over 25 metres and multiple access points through electric assisted glass doors. Lendlease head of offices Kevin Chapman describes the office space as a “workplace that plays to the occupants health and well-being”.

Health and Safety was a key factor to our client and this required bespoke elements to the system jointly specified with our engineering team on site visits. The system comprised a GMX200 a WeatherFile Mobile Unit and 2 local 9” displays that changed colour to red when certain wind speed and direction parameters are exceeded, these displays were sited adjacent to the roof terrace access doors. The Gill MaxiMet GMX200 sensor at 12 Endeavour Square has a built in compass that will always find north thus increasing further accuracy regardless of sensor movement.

The WeatherFile Mobile Unit (WMU) allows data to be gathered directly from the Gill MaxiMet GMX200 sensor and sent to our WeatherFile website, the result is cable free live data through WeatherFile completely independent of the buildings local internet increasing security as it separates it from the customers own Wi-Fi network and any associated security risks.

Further applications for this system could include weather monitoring and warning from isolated locations, construction industry, including crane operations, health and safety site operations, marine and offshore, wind farm surveying, roads, bridges and tunnels, agriculture and horticulture, sports and outdoor activities, education and research projects, remote airfields and many others.

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