Richard Paul Russell Ltd have been supplying the temporary structure, festivals and outdoor events market for over 20 years, working closely with major suppliers such as Stageco, Victorious Festival, BBC Countryfile Live, Baconinflate and others.
As festivals and outdoor events are becoming increasingly popular they are growing in size and with that the temporary structures are becoming larger and more complex with greater loads being applied to them. This combined with our ever changing and less predictable weather results in a need for accurate and immediate data on site during construction, setup and whilst the event is running.
Richard Paul Russell Ltd have further developed their WeatherFile wind and weather monitoring solutions with direct connection to its website. This allows live data display at both a local level and via the public internet fulfilling requirements for monitoring of actual loads and weight distribution related to wind speed and direction in line with the Institution of Structural Engineers guidance on temporary demountable structures, procurement, design and use.
Increased functionality including email alerts, and options for staged local audible and visual alarms and/or local colour coded monitor displays ensure operators are kept informed so they can make informed decisions regarding the stability of a structure.
WeatherFile will constantly monitor and log wind and weather data which is invaluable for analysis and future reference, covering weather parameters such as wind, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, dew point and precipitation.
Data certainty is ensured by using WindSonic solid-state ultrasonic technology with certified accuracy that provides many advantages over conventional cup anemometers and vane sensors, having no moving parts that can jam, break or wear out. This makes them the perfect choice for the temporary structure market where durability, maintenance free use and accuracy are of paramount importance.

MarqueeRichard Paul Russell Ltd are experts in developing bespoke solutions with clients regardless of power availability, remoteness or the harshness of the environment.
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