We have recently developed a WiFi data logger that links with our FlexiMet wind and weather systems to allow live transmission of data over a local WiFi network to the weather-file website.

The first WiFi site will soon go live at Yacht Haven marina in Lymington. The new system reduces dramatically the amount of hardware required when fitting a system, limiting both cabling and the need for local displays.

The system at Yacht Haven will be mounted on the roof but within the buildings WiFi network. The WindSonic sensor will be connected to the SpaceLogger.W8.Wireless data logger on which data will be stored via a 4GB SD card. From here data is passed over the WiFi network to our weather-file website, where it can be viewed on line.

This system will be powered via local mains supply but could be powered via a local battery and solar panel recharger.

We will be watching the wind data with interest as will local sailors and fisherman I am sure.

FlexiMet Wind 2
FlexiMet Wind 2 System with WiFi compatibility