Our WeatherFile team has been working hard on some brand new updates that make WeatherFile a top choice for those needing 24/7 live weather data.

Introducing WeatherFile Premium.

WeatherFile Premium gives our customers the ability to set up email alerts on specific weather conditions for up to four different parameters (depending on their site’s sensor). For example, GMX600 users can be notified that the average wind speed has been above 20mph for the last hour, or that the temperature has risen above 30c as well as notifications on pressure, dewpoint, and relative humidity.

This Premium service allows organisations up to 4 notifications per site for up to 12 users with administrative access, meaning that users can now identify even more trends in weather that may affect their activity and events.

Who benefits from this update?

Recently, WeatherFile has been working with The Royal Parks to provide a state-of-the-art solution to weather monitoring. The Royal Parks use a GMX 600 sensor that measures a whole range of parameters from temperature and dewpoint to rain fall and pressure.

The Royal Park’s weather systems are solar powered and even have the options of being notified when battery is running low.

The update allows organisations and individuals to prepare appropriately for significant weather conditions and become more risk averse. This new WeatherFile feature is ideal for companies that primarily operate outside and must adhere to relevant health and safety requirements – such as the events, construction, and maritime industries.

Pro and Basic options

As well as the premium option, WeatherFile users have the choice of a cheaper service level agreement. The pro package allows 3 notifications per site for up to 8 users, while the basic package offers 2 notifications per site for up to 8 users. These packages are perfect for sites such as Trident TC2 who only monitor wind speed and direction.

Coming soon

The public will soon be able to sign up for their own alerts at sites of their choice. Take a look at where the closest WeatherFile station is to you, or enquire about a system for yourself here: https://weatherfile.com/

Alternatively, give our technical sales team a call at +44 (0) 1590 641223 or drop us an email at sales@rpr.co.uk