In the U.K., there were 243 wildfires from January to April, compared to 237 for the whole of 2021 (Independent), alerting UK residents that there is a rising risk to nature and humanity.

Around the world, these fires are becoming more prevalent in areas that are more seriously affected by climate change – including droughts, warmer temperatures, and drier air. By the end of this century, the UN predicts that wildfires will increase by a huge 50%.

In the UK, there have been fires in Essex, Wiltshire, and at the National Clay Shooting Centre in Bisley – where RPR will be heading for the Bisley Festival next month. These fires spread quickly and force closures, habitat loss and concerns to local residents.

Not only is the unhealthy air and fire itself a concern, there are unexpected effects that can be extremely dangerous – take a look at Salisbury Plain where firefighters are unable to put out the fire due to active ammunition being on the plane.

There have, of course, also been incidents around the west coast of America – including Alaska and Yosemite National Park – which is beginning to affect the natural landscape. Large, beautiful trees known as sequoias are some of the oldest-known trees in the world. This fire, in Washburn, California, has already forced 1600+ people away from their homes, and has the potential to be even more devastating. According to the BBC, over 35,000 fires have been recorded across the US this year alone.

A plethora of lifestyle choices can be applied to reduce the risks of these fires, but sometimes that is not enough. When fire’s come unexpectedly, it can be an extremely dangerous scenario. Businesses and firefighters can prepare appropriately by stocking a range of items provided by Richard Paul Russell Ltd:

Kestrel 5500FW

Perhaps the premium option for an active firefighter is the Kestrel 5500FW. A complete handheld replacement for a traditional firefighter’s belt weather kit, the monitor includes PIG (probability of ignition) and FDFM (fine dead fuel moisture) capabilities. The LiNK app allows users to measure, data log and predict trends to help assist with key decisions.

The Kestrel 5500FW doubles up as a complete weather station, with data on all key weather parameters including dew point temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, maximum gust, cross winds/tailwinds, pressure and altitude.

Kestrel Drop D3FW

This ‘DROP’ device is a small, portable, lightweight and easy-to-use solution to environmental monitoring. This device measures pressure trend, station pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, heat stress index and wet bulb temperature.

A cheaper option to the Kestrel 5400FW, the Drop D3FW can be left to monitor data in a variety of environments and industries including agricultural land, commercial properties and vehicles, emergency services and manufacturing warehouses. The D3FW allows data to be sent to devices so that organisations can make informed decisions on fire safety and fire monitoring.

Kestrel 5400FW

The Kestrel 5400FW is another solid choice for firefighters and health and safety personnel in the crucial stages of wildfires and urban fire events. This monitor provides data and calculations to assist in important decision making scenarios such as heat stress indications and hydration guidelines.

Kestrel 5400FW provides professional Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer technology to assess risk of a variety of weather parameters such as radiant heat from the sun, fire and other hot surfaces. The monitor can assist in fire training and is able to log over 10,000 sets of time-stamped data – of which can be uploaded to smart devices and computers.

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