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Gill MaxiMet GMX551

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The MaxiMet GMX551 is a compact weather station sensor unit measuring Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation, and rainfall via the connector for a tipping bucket rain gauge.

MaxiMet compact weather stations are designed to be simple to install, use and maintain. MaxiMet weather stations benefit from the same technology used in Gill’s scientific product range, ensuring measurement accuracy, low maintenance and continuous status reporting. The built-in electronic compass automatically aligns the sensor to north. Optional GPS functionality delivers true wind measurements and automatically positions the sensor. There are also versions of the GMX551 with optional heating please contact

The MaxiMet sensors are compatible with our systems to provide  24-7 live weather data accessible on any internet connected PC, tablet or smart phone.


  • Solar panel performance
  • Building and industrial controls
  • Transport and safety
  • Drone operations
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Industry
  • Ports and harbours


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Product Description

GMX551 Compact Weather Station Description

The Gill MaxiMet GMX551 combines the GMX101, GMX200 and GMX300 with the addition of a side connector to add any rain gauge, the measurements are included in the data string of the sensor.

Three double-louvered naturally aspirated radiation shields deliver long term highly accurate weather data. Parameters measured include temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, absolute humidity, air density and wet bulb temperature.

The thermal sensor protected by a single glass dome records the quantity of light per metre calculating solar radiation (W/m2), sunshine hours, twilight, sunrise, sunset, position of sun, solar noon and angle of tilt.

The solid state ultrasonic sensor provides extremely accurate wind speed and direction measurements. An electronic compass comes as standard which delivers apparent wind, WMO wind averages and gust data.

The optional GPS adds the benefit of a true wind measurement, height above sea level, latitude and longitude, and simplifies installation by automatically finding north.


Richard Paul Russell Ltd. can connect the sensor to the website where data can be viewed using any internet connected device and downloaded for detailed analysis in a .CSV file format.


• Solar panel performance
• Building and industrial controls
• Authorities
• Transport
• Coastal
• Agricultural
• Safety
• Educational
• Commercial
• Energy

Additional information


Wind speed & direction, Temperature, humidity & pressure, Precipitation, Tipping bucket connector (tipping bucket & cable not inc), Solar radiation, Compass, GPS(opt)

GPS option

Yes, No


• Temperature, humidity and pressure sensor
• Naturally aspirated
• UV stable radiation shield
• Dust and precipitation protected
• Solar radiation sensor/pyranometer
• Measures light in watts per metre2
• Records sunshine hours
• Complies with ISO 9060 and WMO guidelines
• Wind sensor
• Wind speed & direction
• Apparent wind
• WMO wind averages, gusts
• Built in compass
• GPS *Optional provides true wind, latitude, longitude and height above sea level
• Precipitation
• Side connector to add any rain gauge (Kalyx or ARG314 recommended)
• Lightweight and compact
• Robust construction
• Low power consumption
• No moving parts
• Extremely low maintenance
• 24 months warranty

Temp, Humidity & Pressure Air Pressure / Temperature
Relative / Absolute humidity
Naturally aspirated UV stable radiation shield
Protection against wind-blown precipitation/dust
Solar Radiation Complies with ISO 9060 & WMO Guidelines
Output in watts per metre2
180° hemispherical field of view
Records sunshine hours
Integrated Hukseflux LP02 pyranometer
Glass dome
Wind Wind speed & direction
Apparent and true wind (with GPS)
WMO wind averages and gust
GPS (Option) Height above sea level m
Position of the sun
Solar Noon
MSL pressure
Precipitation (Input) integrated side connector to add any tipping rain bucket gauge (Kalyx or ARG314 recommended)
Parameters Solar radiation W/m2
Sunshine hours hrs
Temperature °C / °F / °K
Relative humidity % Rh
Barometric pressure hPa, mbar, mm Hg, In Hg
Wet bulb temperature °C / °F / °K
Absolute humidity g/m3
Air density kg/m3
Precipitation mm/hr, mm/total, in/hr, in/total
Wind speed m/s, hm/hr, mph, kts, ft/min
Wind direction °
Wind chill °C / °F / °K
True/apparent wind
Angle of Tilt
Outputs RS232, 422, 485 (ASCII), SDI-12, NMEA, MODBUS, Analogue (option)
Wind Speed Range 0.1 m/s to 60 m/s
Accuracy ± 3% to 40 m/s,
± 5% to 60 m/s
Resolution m/s 0.01
Starting Speed 0.1 m/s
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Units m/s, km/hr, mph, kts, ft/min
Wind Direction Range 0-359°
Accuracy ± 3% to 40 m/s,
± 5% to 60 m/s
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Units Degrees
Temperature Range -40°C to +70 °C
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy ± 0.3°C @ 20°C
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Units °C, °F, °K
Humidity Range 0-100%
Resolution 1%
Accuracy ± 2% @ 20°C (10%-90% RH)
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Units % Rh, g/m3
Dew Point Range -40°C to +70°C
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy ± 0.3°C @ 20°C
Units °C, °F, °K
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Pressure Range 300 to 1100 hpa
Resolution 0.1 hPa
Accuracy ± 0.5 hPa @ 25°C
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Units hPa, mbar, mmHg, inHg
Precipitation Measurement type TBRG (Kalyx)
Range 0-1000 mm/hr
Precipitation Resolution 0.2 mm
Accuracy 2%
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Units mm/hr, mm/total, in/hr, in/total
Heating n/a
Output Contact closure via 20m cable to GMX
Global Solar Radiation Wavelength Sensitivity 300 to 3000 nm
Output Range 0 to 1600 W/m2
Resolution 1 W/m2
DIN Standard ISO 9060 Second Class
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Units W/m2
Outputs Output rate 1/s, 1/min, 1/hr
Digital Comms Modes Serial RS232, RS422, RS485, SDI-12, NMEA, MODBUS, ASCII
Analogue Outputs Available via seperate optional device
Power Power Supply 5 to 30 Vdc
Power (Nominal) 12 Vdc 25 mA continuous high mode 0.7 mA eco-power mode (1 hour polled)
Environmental Conditions IP Rating 66
Operational Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C
EMC Standard BS EN 61326 : 2013
FCC CFR47 parts 15.109
CE Marking Yes
RoHS compilant Yes
Weight 0.8 Kg (+1.2 kg Rain Gauge inc Cable)
Origin UK


Precipitation Care & Maintenance

NOTE: the temperature, humidity and barometer sensors are located internally and are not maintainable or replaceable by a user. Consideration should be given to checking the pressure readings against a standard every 12 months and maintaining the temperature and humidity sensor every 12-24 months. If required you can return the MaxiMet to Richard Paul Russell Ltd to check the barometer calibration, please contact us at for more details.

Download PDF WeatherFile System Flyer
User Manual
Download PDF MaxiMet User Manual – Issue 9
Download PDF Application Note
Data Sheet
Download PDF MaxiMet GMX 551

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