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Ultrasonic Anemometers

GMX ultrasonic anemometer from Gill Instruments

Conventional wind vane anemometers have mechanical rotating parts. These moving parts expose the sensor to failure. An ultrasonic sensor has been designed to avoid any mechanical parts to ensure the best possible and most reliable operation. The result is extremely accurate and stable data over the long term without the need for maintenance.

Ultrasonic sensors work using transducers that send a pulse of ultrasonic sound from the 'North' facing side of the sensor. A microprocessor measures the time it takes to travel to the 'South' transducer and compares with the time for a pulse to travel from 'South' to 'North' transducers. Likewise, times are compared between West and East, and East and West transducers. The wind speed and direction are then calculated from the differences in the times of flight on each axis.
This calculation is independent of factors such as temperature. Without moving parts, measurement is immediate and precise. Watch the YouTube video here ».

Richard Paul Russell ltd have chosen the highest quality ultrasonic sensors from Gill Instruments, Calypso Instruments and LCJ Capteurs that offer a comprehensive solution with options capable of recording data in the harshest environments and those with extremely low power requirements for OEM and remote applications.

Don't hesitate to email or call our technical support team to discuss your sensor choice in more detail, or +44 (0) 1590 641223.

Ultrasonic Anemometers Key Benefits

• Consistent high-quality measurements
• Compatible with SpaceLogger data loggers
• WeatherFile cloud solution ready
• Cost effective
• Proven quality and reliability
• Easy to use software
• Easy installation
• Robust construction
• No moving parts
• Maintenance free

View Our Complete Ultrasonic Anemometers Range Below:

Gill Windsonic
Robust 2-axis ultrasonic sensor.
Gill Windsonic M
Designed for harsh environments with optional heating.
Gill Windsonic 75
Increased wind speed range option 75 m/s
GMX 200
The MaxiMet GMX200 is a solid state ultrasonic sensor with built in compass and optional GPS positioning.

Calypso Portable Anemometer
Self powered ultralight & compact ultrasonic sensor with Bluetooth connectivity
Calypso Ultrasonic Portable Mini 25 m/s
A miniature, wireless, ultrasonic anemometer and wind vane for outdoors.
Calypso Ultra-Low Power RS485 Anemometer
Has an upper wind speed range of either 25m/s or 40m/s (48 or 78 knots) combined with an innovative shape improving performance in high winds and heavy rain.
Calypso NMEA Connect Plus Gateway
Connects all Calypso sensors to an NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 network. It can also relay the signal as WiFi and/or Bluetooth, allowing easy connection with multiple Apps & PC based software.
LCJ Capteurs CV7
Compact & lightweight with low power consumption.
LCJ Capteurs CV7 OEM
Ideal for OEM market with low power consumption.
LCJ Capteurs Sonic Anemo DZP
Upgrade your Davis Weather Station with an ultrasonic anemometer.
LCJ Capteurs Sonic Anemo (MODBUS/SDI/ANALOG)
Sonic-Anemo with various output options.
LCJ Capteurs Sonic Anemo Micro
Ideal for OEM remote monitoring with ultra low power.

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