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ARG314 Tipping Rain Bucket Gauge

ARG314 Tipping Rain Bucket Gauge

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The unique aerodynamic profile of the ARG314 tipping bucket rain gauge increases measurement accuracy by capturing more rainfall than traditionally shaped cylindrical gauges. The ARG314 is precision-engineered to minimise out-splash and reduce rainfall losses caused by evaporation. The depth, diameter and angle of the funnel have all been extensively tested and research to give optimum accuracy in the field and comply with WMO standards.

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ARG314 Rain Gauge Description

The ARG314 is the recommended solution for many hydrological or meteorological applications such as weather stations and flood warning systems. The ARG314 is a versatile gauge suitable for climates with all types and intensities of rainfall. The injection moulded UV-stabilised material from which the gauge is made means that the ARG314 is an extremely robust and versatile instrument, ideal for applications where data precision and accuracy are critically important.

Traditional cylinder-shaped rain gauges are inaccurate due to the effect of wind blowing over the orifice. The physical presence of the gauge causes air to accelerate, carrying rainfall away from the collecting vessel. The effect of this can be up to a 20% reduction in rainfall catch. The unique aerodynamic shape of the ARG314 rain gauge range reduces this effect, ensuring a high level of confidence in the accuracy of our measurements.

We combine the ARG314 with Gill's MetPak and MaxiMet range of sensors to create a complete internet connected weather station via our cloud solution WeatherFile.com, contact us on +44 (0) 1590 641223 or email sales@r-p-r.co.uk to help specify your complete weather station solution.


• Hydrological catchment-based projects
• Urban meteorology
• Low-Cost Hydro-Met stations
• Garden, allotment or farmland monitoring
• Industrial application
• Water Authorities
• Flood warning systems


• Compatible with Gill MetPak and MaxiMet sensors
• WeatherFile.com connectivity with Gill sensors
• High quality injection moulded plastic
• Excellent aerodynamic properties to mitigate wind-induced under catch
• Self-emptying instrument
• No power needed
• Extremely rugged and stable
• Different resolutions available (e.g. 0.1mm / 0.2mm / 0.005 inch)
• WMO Compliant

Resolution/Calibration Metric: 0.1 mm or 0.2 mm
WMO Compliant Yes
Output Contact Closure (Reed Switch) Dual reed switch upgrade available (contact CSL)
Typical Accuracy 99% up to 120 mm/hr
Rainfall Intensity 0-1000 mm/hr (with mathematical correction over 120 mm/hr - contact CSL)
Operating Temperature 1°C - 70°C
Funnel Diameter 20.0 cm/7.98 inch
Funnel Area 314 cm²/48.67 sq. inch
Height 43.5 cm to 46.5 cm (with feet adjustment)
Weight 2.5kg
Colour White