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FT742-DM (Direct Mount) Ultrasonic Sensor

FT742-DM (Direct Mount)
Ultrasonic Sensor

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• Ultrasonic
• Wind speed & direction
• Sealed to IP66 & IP67 standard
• -40° to +85°C temperature operating range
• Compact, 5.6cm wide and 16.1cm high
• Hard anodised aluminium body
• NMEA0183 output
• Configurable heating
• Suited to harsh environments
• Extremely low maintenance
• 24 months warranty

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Item Description

The FT742-DM fits directly onto a 33.7mm mounting mast. Sealed to IP66 and IP67 standard the sensor is extremely durable being made from hard anodised aluminium that is highly resistant to corrosion, sand, dust, ice, solar radiation and being struck by flying debris.

The sensor is heated giving it a wide operating range of -40° to +85°C and reads wind speed up to 75m/s meeting WMO standards making it the perfect choice for harsh environments and long-term remote wind monitoring.

Common applications for the FT742-DM sensor includes marine applications, buoys, extreme cold locations, hurricane and tornado research, airports, harbours, railways, ski resorts and mobile wind monitoring.

Wind Speed
• Range 0-75m/s
• Resolution 0.1m/s
• Accuracy ±0.3m/s (0-16m/s), 2% (16-40m/s), ±4% (40-75m/s)
Wind Direction
• Range 0 to 360°
• Resolution 1°
• Accuracy 4° RMS
Sensor Performance
• Measurement principle Acoustic Resonance (automatically compensates for variations in temperature, pressure & humidity)
• Units of measure Metres per second, kilometres per hour or knots
• Altitude 0-4000m operating range
• Temperature range -40° to +85°C (operating and storage)
• Humidity 0-100%
• Ingress protecton IP66 and IP67
• Heater settings 0° to 55°C. The heater set point can be configured
Accoustic Temperature*
• Resolution 0.1°C
• Accuracy ±20°C
• Under the following conditions:
• Speed Range 5m/s - 60m/s
• Operating Range -20°C to +60°C
• Temperature Difference <10°C
• between the air temperature and the actual temperature of the sensor.
 *Available on digital sensors only
Power Requirements
• Supply voltage 12V to 30V DC (24V DC nominal). Supports 12V battery operation with reduced heater capacity
• Supply current (heater off ) 31mA typical
• Supply current (heater on) Limited to 4A (default), 6A (max) – configurable in software in 0.1A increments. Heater power consumption will depend on the energy required to keep the sensor's temperature at the user determined set point. The heater and sensor power consumption is limited by default to 99W.
• I/O connector 5-way (RS485 option), 8-way (4-20mA option) multi pole connector
• Sensor weight 380g
Digital Sensor
• Interface RS485 (half-duplex), galvanically isolated from power supply lines and case
• Format ASCII data, polled or conti nuous output modes, Polar and NMEA 0183
• Data update rate Maximum 10 measurements per second
• Error handling When the sensor detects an invalid reading a character is set in the wind velocity output message.
• This error flag character is 1
Analogue Sensor
• Interface 4-20mA, galvanically isolated from power supply lines and case.
• Format One 4-20mA current loop for wind speed (different scaling factors are available). One 4-20mA current loop for wind direction (datum value configurable as 4mA or 12mA). Both analogue channels are updated ten times per second.
• 4-20mA configuration port This port is for the user to change the internal settings of analogue sensors and to perform diagnostic testing. This interface is not intended for permanent connection to a data logger or other device.
• Error handling When the sensor detects an invalid reading then both speed and directi on current loops will drop to a default value of 1.4mA (configurable up to 3.9mA).
EMC & Environmental Tests
• The FT7 Series have passed over 28 different environmental test certificates including Corrosion, Icing, De-Icing, Shock, Hail, Drop, ESD, power interruption and EMC.
Further test details and full test reports available on request.